Welcome to Handasiyat.net
Handasiyat.net is a 24/7 open engineering company, where we offer a wide range of services related - mainly - to the Construction Engineering Field. The Internet will allow us to remotely deliver the engineering work you need, with class professionals, at a very attractive cost, just when you need them, with the excellence level you deserve.
While few engineering firms offer their services online, Handasayat.net is one of the few to offer such services in the Arab world. Handasiyat is comprised of a group of experienced engineers who have spent a decade working in the field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. As life moves faster, deadlines move in closer, competition increases and clients' demands increase, our Jordan based group of professionals decided to provide our services to a wider market with increased accessibility and convenience by developing a customized online platform tailored for engineering purposes.
We have been working in the engineering field since the year 2000 and in our years of experience, we have developed an unparalleled portfolio by working for some of the leading organizations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
In the previous years, maintaining long distance relationships with clients posed a difficulty as any complexity in projects could lead to time delays due to lack of immediate communication facilities. However, with our website and its newly developed Customized Online/Remote Platform, our engineers are virtually available at any hour of the day. Our Customized Online/Remote Platform enables us to negotiate deals with our clients as well as discuss any necessary modifications and provide regular updates on the project status. Although Handasiyat is an independent organization, our credibility is greatly established by not only our previous projects but also by the engineers that work here as they are all members of some of the leading engineering associations. All our engineers have acquired a membership into at least one of the following organizations:
The organizations mentioned above are a proof of the diversity of the services that our Virtual Engineering Company offers. Our objective is to provide cost effective and professionally designed and executed engineering solutions that exceed client expectations. In engineering projects, time is a major constraint which could introduce numerous obstacles for the clients. Our mission is to timely deliver our high quality and cost effective engineering solutions.
The services that we offer do not necessarily require our engineers to be physically present at the site. Not only does it help companies to reduce the employment effort and cost for engineering projects, it also eliminates the risk of critical situations such as employment complexities as a result of unsafe situations. The systems that we design can be sub divided into different categories. From Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems, HVAC design with most efficient exhausts, production of Bills of Quantity (BOQs) and Engineering Translations to Workshop Drawings, we aid in every function by saving an immense amount of time for our clients and ourselves.
Handasiyat caters to a wide array of industries. Whether it's a residential building, commercial complex, laboratories, institutions or government projects, they all need design engineers and we are here to simplify their requests and satisfy their engineering needs by one of the most technological approaches in the field.
For more information regarding Handasiyat's services and portfolio, browse through the services and portfoliosections of our website.