Operations Buildings
Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
41,870 m2
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 1. Air-conditioning Design Principles










The project consists of three buildings with a total build-up area of 41,870 m2 including Maintenance, Operations and Administration facilities, Data Centers, auditoriums and UPS rooms. Buildings to be provided with full air-conditioning for year-round control of the indoor environment; our scope was to provide concept design to the HVAC system including complete cooling loads calculations and sizing main components of the system.
Emergency Cooling
Facilities which are required to remain operational during utility power outage will be connected to the Essential Power system, which is backed by the Emergency Generator(s). Such units will continue to run on switchover, or will be started/re-started by the BMS when the generator comes on line.
Critical Units
Facilities such as Control/Operations Rooms which must remain operational in the event of HVAC equipment failure will be provided with duty and standby HVAC units (rotated at regular intervals).
Cooling and Heating
The buildings will be air-conditioned by means chilled water system comprising chillers, air handling units (AHUs), fan coil units (FCUs) and circulating pumps.

Winter heating will be by means of electric resistance heaters located within AHUs or FCUs, or, where appropriate, within ductwork distribution systems.
Environmental Conditions
The HVAC equipment will be designed and sized to maintain the summer and winter indoor air conditions in accordance with ASHRAE recommendations.

AHUs and FCUs will have the manufacturer's standard circulated (mixed) air filtration system.

Fresh air for AHUs will be taken in through a branch of the return air duct provided with a sandtrap louver or inertia filter, followed by a washable metal mesh filter.

Fresh air for FCUs will be provided by dedicated Fresh Air AHUs (FAHUs), with a sandtrap louver or inertia filter and washable metal mesh filter placed ahead of the manufacturer's standard, disposable fiberglass panel type.