Fire Fighting Services
All buildings, commercial or residential, require adequate safety perimeters. The experience of the team at Handasiyat has enabled us to recognize all the important areas of safety in order to design the necessary solutions. Accidents always come uninvited. Whenever they are impossible to avoid, steps can be taken to minimize physical and financial damages. From early detection of any fire hazards to suppression, Handasiyat has designed fire alarm systems for numerous organizations. We aid our customers in designing new systems as well as improvising the existing ones. The following is a list of fire fighting systems offered by our company:
Fire Suppression Systems
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Hose Cabinet & Hydrants
  • Landing Valves & Fire Extinguishers
  • Expansion Foam System
  • High Pressure Water Systems
  • Water Spray Nozzles
  • CO2 Fire Suppression Systems
Fire Detection Systems
  • Infrared Flame Detectors
  • Video Smoke Detection Systems
  • Beam Detection Systems
  • Spot Heat Detection Systems
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • Intelligent Fire Detection
Hydraulic Calculations
  • Ordinary Hazard Calculations
  • Light Hazard Calculations
  • Friction Loss Estimates
  • Flow Calculations
  • Pump Discharge Pressure Estimates
  • Evaluation of Existing Systems
The services mentioned above could be used for efficiency, safety or just necessity. Handasiyat ensures that their clients get the most optimal quality in all these services. Through consistent interaction with the client, we ensure that no compromises are made and the clients are satisfied with the results. For electrical, mechanical, fire fighting and technical services offered by Handasiyat, browse through the main services section of our website.