Alojeh Farm

Site Area

Dereyah - KSA
160 000 m2
14 separate Buildings
Full MEP Design
Producing BOQ
HVAC System Design & Calculations
Full detailed AutoCAD Drawings
Full Equipments Schedules & Schematics
Full Technical Report
Private Client Riyadh - KSA
General: Al-Ojeh palms farm consists of soft and hard landscape with a site area of 160,000 m2; with scattered villas, glazed reception tents and facility buildings with a total built-up area of 12,600 m2. Our scope includes all electromechanical services of buildings & site (external infrastructure). ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN/SUMMARY - Sample of the Technical Report

1. Ring Main Unit
Special designed rooms were provided near to the transformers by knowing the available connections to the utility RMU.

2. Electrical Transformers
Special rooms were provided for transformers (oil type) with capacities appropriate to the electrical loads of the project under the approval of the electrical authority at the project area.

3. Emergency Generator
Emergency generator was provided with ATS to serve the project during utility power failure and connected to the main electrical panel with emergency panels serving internal & external lighting and pumps. Also to connect low current systems like fire alarm and CCTV cameras and electrical gates & intrusion alarm & PABX.

4. Medium Voltage & Accessories
MV cables are used to connect between utility mains and main ring units up to the main transformers. Manholes for cables' pulling and maintenance were provided.

5. Low Voltage and Accessories
LV cables are used to connect between main panels and secondary panels and equipment like pumps, HVAC units, fans...etc

6. Sockets & Switches
All sockets & switches were specified technically leaving the selection of colours & shapes to the client and interior designer. Switches are used for lighting & some areas have dimming switches according to ID requirements.

7. Disconnect Switches
The selection and use of these switches serve the HVAC equipment & pumps and to be installed near the unit itself; to be used to cut the current during maintenance & to be weather resistant.

8. Main & Sub-main Panels
Design & specifications of electrical panels is according to required loads with breakers capacities according to project requirements with 20% spare quantity of breakers for future use.

9. Lighting
- Internal Lighting: internal lighting is designed according to LUX calculations & room dimensions & ID requirements. Fixtures were specified technically leaving the selection of colours & models to the client and interior designer.
- For the pool lighting a separate lighting panel is provided with P.B & Impulse relay.
- External Lighting: design & specification for external lighting to be weather proof and according to landscape engineer requirements. Weather resistant cables were used and the control of lighting is either via a timer or photocell & electronic panel. - As for the roof lighting it will be provided with contactor & photocell & timer.
- Emergency & Exits Lighting: to be designed to serve areas during power outage; so that each area to have lighting units with battery & separate switch.

10. Earthing System
This system is used to protect and discharge any electrical charges; system designed to connect to main electrical panels, disconnect switches, lighting switches, electrical sockets and all systems in the project.

11. Lightening System (Main Villa only)
This system is used to protect the building from lightening with copper risers installed on roof with conductors from roofs to wet soil with copper earthing conduits & manholes.

12. Telephone System
System designed to have central PABX at control room, so that the central will be provided with all modern facilities with fax points according to client requirements.
Network to be provided for each building using telephone wires & conduits for each point with main collection cables with switches for each box and to main MDF at control room.

13. Computer & Internet System
Computer network & land/wireless internet was designed; each socket to have network & internet outlets.

14. TV Satellite System
Central dishes and network distribution system was designed serving rooms according to client requirements with devices installed at control room including receiver, control panel& control switches.

15. CCTV System
This system is designed to monitor the inside & outside of the project according to client requirements; with screens installed at control room along with DVR with recording intervals as per client requirements. Outside cameras to be still or movable & weather proof.

16. Intrusion System
This system is designed to prevent any intrusion attempt from the external boundary walls and to give audio visual alarms. System could be interlocked to the CCTV system, also the system used to alarm for any attempt to break into doors & windows of the project.

17. Fire Alarm System
This system is designed to give alarm in case of any fire or smoke using audio visual alarms and identifying the zone of the alarm. System could be connected to civil defence; smoke detectors to be of addressable type.

18. Sound System (Pool Area)
This system is designed such that speakers are connected to system devices at control room. Speakers to be at ceilings and walls according to client requirements.


- Building will be provided with comprehensive temperature air conditioning year-round system using chilled water system with AHUs and FCUs.
- Heating is provided via electric heaters installed inside AHUs & FCUs.
- Exhaust fans are provided for toilets, pantries & stores to exhaust smells.
- Ventilation to pump rooms and services and electrical rooms was provided as needed.
- HVAC units to switch off during fire.
- No smoke management system was provided but exhaust fans to help in relief of smoke after fire extinguishing.
- HVAC system was designed according to ASHRAE with cooling loads calculations using HEVACOMP software.
- BMS system will be provided as per client requirements.

Plumbing & Fire:
- Domestic water supply system is designed using supply fixture units for diversified loads of the sanitary fixtures to estimate the loads according to Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), velocity inside pipes not to exceed 1.5m/s. Hot water demand will be estimated using the hourly demand of sanitary fixtures to size the electric water heaters according to ASHRAE recommendations and using probability & storage factors.
- Sanitary sewage system is designed using discharge fixture units of sanitary fixtures given in UPC. Two pipe system is used according to client request- system to be fully vented to maintain water at sanitary traps.
- Storm water drainage was designed using storm intensity of 75mm/h for sizing the pipes.
- Fire protection was through hand held fire extinguishers located at kitchens & service rooms with types suitable to the application according to client request.

Site Plan:
- External domestic water supply and sanitary network was designed including manholes, tanks, pump rooms complete with technical details, invert levels and sections.
- HVAC chilled water network was designed including related pump rooms & heat exchangers & chiller compound including all technical details and sections.
- Irrigation water network was designed along with related pumps.