Our Process
Process Description

First the client should apply the Request Form, being as clear & accurate as possible, along with CAD files. You can send the cad files by courier, email or upload them on our secure FTP server.
We reply for the inquiry with general information about our capabilities.
As we receive your requirements, we review and evaluate the inputs received.
In case of any clarification or missed information, we meet you Online through our Online Platform so as to avoid unnecessary delay and rework.
We send you our quotation clarifying a time and cost work order.
Once the quote is accepted, we start your project and finalize the delivery model.
We allocate a project manager for each project who distributes the work to the concerned team and informs them about standards, specifications or your requirements.
On completion of work, it is passed to Quality department which follows three tier checking system.
We allocate a quality controller for each project who is aware about the client requirements and is the first tier of our quality checking system. The quality controller compares the original drawing with the completed ones.

    Some of the checks as per type of service are mentioned below:
    MEP Design and Drafting
  • Layers as per your standards
  • imensions with the respect to input
  • Scale as per your requirement
  • CADD standards like line type, line thickness, text height, arrow type, Nomenclature, general notes, dimension text & arrows etc. are verified according to the requirements
  • Title Block in relevance to drawing
  • Loadings & Load combinations as per relevant codes
  • Design calculations
  • Section
After quality check we meet our client again Online, where we will show him miscellaneous samples of the work done, to insure satisfacion and manage any corrections required and any unaccepted parts of work.
If there are any corrections then the drawings are:
Allocated to another team member if corrections are more than 20%
Returned back to the same team member if corrections less than 20%
When there are no corrections, the work is send to the auditor who is the second tier in the quality checking system. The auditor checks for 100% accuracy of the drawings.
The auditor sends the work to the project manager who is the third tier in our quality checking system. The Project Manager reviews the work and if not satisfied then resends it to quality department.
The work is send to the client only when the Project Manager is completely satisfied with the work.