Mechanical Services

Whenever a commercial, residential or an industrial building is constructed, it requires certain mechanical elements that condition the environment inside a building. Whether it's cooling, refrigeration, ventilation, heating or energy management, mechanical systems are deployed to function in the long term. The mechanical engineers at Handasiyat are capable of designing all sorts of mechanical systems.

Electrical Services

Handasiyat offers its clients the widest array of electrical systems. From residential and commercial to industrial purposes, our clients can enjoy getting their work done from a remote location without any hassle. Our goal is to satisfy all the design requirements of our clients for which we have the industry's best experts working on our projects. The services offered by our engineers can be sub-divided into different groups. All of the electrical services provided by Handasiyat are listed below

Plumbing Services

The engineers at Handasiyat are highly skilled to design all kinds of plumbing systems for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. All that our customers need to do is to lay down their requirements. Our team of experienced individuals follows the universally accepted standards when designing. The following is a list of plumbing services that Handasiyat offers at a minimal cost,

Fire Fighting Services

All buildings, commercial or residential, require adequate safety perimeters. The experience of the team at Handasiyat has enabled us to recognize all the important areas of safety in order to design the necessary solutions. Accidents always come uninvited. Whenever they are impossible to avoid, steps can be taken to minimize physical and financial damages. From early detection of any fire hazards to suppression, Handasiyat has designed fire alarm systems for numerous organizations.


At Handasiyat, our engineers are available to help in all sorts of engineering projects. There might be many firms that specialize in a particular field such as mechanical, electrical, architecture, civil, etc. While working on projects, these firms may require additional resources to look after areas other than their field of specialization. Since our team is comprised of engineers from all backgrounds, we are able to take all kinds of projects and we design the most optimal models at the most reasonable price.

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