Abha Hotel

No. of Keys

Abha City - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
135 Keys
11 000 m2 / 9 Floors
Full MEP Design
Producing BOQ
Full MEP Design
Producing BOQ
HVAC System Design & Calculations
Full detailed AutoCAD Drawings
MEP Engineering Specifications
Full Equipments Schedules & Schematics
Full Technical Report
German Technical Services Establishment
Riyadh - KSA

Abha hotel project consists of a basement and 8 floors with built-up area of 11,000 m2 and 135 keys complete with facilities & restaurants, lobby, health club & swimming pool. Our scope includes HVAC & plumbing design.

First: for the required HVAC System:
- Direct expansion fan coil units (DX- concealed ducted) where used for rooms with the outdoor units mounted on roofs.

- Package units where used for restaurants, lobby & health club.
- Fresh air to rooms was via DX-fresh AHU mounted on roof with its related condenser unit; used to treat & filter outside air and distribute it to rooms FCUs. This will reduce the loads of FCUs and saves in their capacities.

- Exhaust fans are provided for toilets, pantries & stores to exhaust smells.
- Ventilation to pump rooms and services and electrical rooms was provided as needed.
- HVAC system was designed according to ASHRAE with cooling loads calculations using HEVACOMP software.

Second: for the required Plumbing System:
- Domestic water supply system is designed using supply fixture units for diversified loads of the sanitary fixtures to estimate the loads according to Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC), velocity inside pipes not to exceed 1.5m/s. Hot water demand will be estimated using the hourly demand of sanitary fixtures to size the electric water heaters according to ASHRAE recommendations and using probability & storage factors.

- Sanitary sewage system is designed using discharge fixture units of sanitary fixtures given in UPC. Two pipe system is used according to client request- system to be fully vented to maintain water at sanitary traps.
- Storm water drainage was designed using storm intensity of 75mm/h for sizing the pipes.
- External domestic water supply and sanitary network was designed including manholes, tanks, pump rooms complete with technical details, invert levels and sections.

Third: for the required Fire Fighting System:
- Complete fire sprinkler and wet pipe network was provided as per NFPA13- light hazard.
- Fire hose cabinets and landing valves were provided according to NFPA14.
- Complete fire extinguishers were provided according to NFPA10.

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